Full Arch Implant Reconstruction

Dr. Weber is exceptionally trained and experienced in full arch implant procedures for patients experiencing complete tooth loss or severely damaged teeth, bone, and gums. 

Often referred to as “All-on-Four” or “Teeth Today” — the full arch implant treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that fully restores your mouth’s function and appearance with a custom set of permanent teeth. It is the healthiest, most natural-looking solution that offers lasting benefits for your total health and a better quality of life

Full Arch Implant Treatment

This revolutionary treatment replaces an entire set of missing teeth using as few as 4 dental implants. We customize your treatment based on your unique needs and goals. Each implant is expertly placed to fit the anatomy of your bone and tissue, allowing for a permanent base to support your custom-designed replacement teeth. 

Unlike removable dentures, a full arch treatment is a long-term solution that reestablishes the function of your natural teeth while beautifully restoring your smile. 

Before & After

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Our Process


The first step is to visit us for a personalized initial consultation, where we get to know all about you. Dr. Weber and our friendly team will introduce you to our process and provide a comprehensive oral examination to help us determine whether you’re a candidate for the full arch implant process. 

Our financial and insurance specialists are readily available to discuss questions and concerns in regard to your full arch treatment. Additionally, our Implant Laboratory Technician will be available to address your restorative goals and custom teeth replacement options. 

Treatment Planning

When you’re ready for this life-changing treatment, we get right to work on the treatment planning process! Dr. Weber will customize your procedure and treatment plan specific to your needs and goals. We coordinate our planning with your referring dentist and restorative teams to ensure accuracy, efficiency and comfort from first scan to final restoration. 

Procedure and Placement

At the time of your procedure, Dr. Weber may first need to perform tooth extractions. He then places four to six dental implants into your upper and/or lower jaw. Once the implants are strategically placed, you will be fitted for your custom bridge or prosthesis (set of replacement teeth). Our technician immediately begins the fabrication of your new teeth to be secured to your implants the very next day. 

On the following day, Dr. Weber and our team attach your beautiful set of teeth to the implants. Your fixed prosthesis is only removable by your dentist, and immediately provides a beautiful smile that will function like your natural teeth. You will leave our office with a beautiful new smile and complete confidence!

Healing Process

Your bone and tissue begin fusing to the dental implants, immediately restoring their strength. After they have fully healed for a few months, you are now ready for your final fixed prosthesis.

Dr. Weber and our implant technician evaluate your full arch implants — gathering updated measurements and adjustments to fabricate your final prosthesis. This prosthesis will be made from an even stronger material, that is perfectly fine-tuned for comfort, function and aesthetics! 


A full arch implant restoration is the most effective and reliable solution for full mouth restoration. Maintenance and upkeep are similar to that of natural teeth – no diet restrictions, messy adhesives, or constant upkeep that a removable denture requires.

We believe that you deserve the best. Using the most advanced technology and high-performance materials, coupled with our full arch expertise—we ensure the best results with extraordinary benefits to last a lifetime. 

  • Provides immediate results 
  • Restores your beautiful smile— regain confidence and improve total health 
  • Allows you to speak naturally and eat all types of food 
  • Rebuilds your facial structure — restoring jawbone and renewing tissue and skin