Wisdom Tooth Removal Tips


Wisdom tooth removal season is in full force!  Our experienced team will ensure you're ready for a successful procedure. Today we are sharing what you can expect, and tips to set yourself up for a speedy and safe recovery. 

Wisdom Tooth Removal


At your consultation, Dr. Weber and our team will walk you through the process from preparation to recovery. We answer all questions and concerns you have, so you're ready to arrive confidently on the procedure day! Prior to your procedure you will have fasting instructions to follow before undergoing anesthesia. On procedure day we confirm you have someone available to drive you home after the surgery—as you might be groggy from anesthesia. 

After your procedure your main priority is to rest! We will provide a doctor's note to get you out of chores and activities if needed :). Ice packs will be become your new best friend. Apply an ice pack on your cheek in intervals to reduce swelling and pain. Speaking of swelling... some swelling is normal and days 3-5 you can expect more pain and swelling. 

Bleeding is also normal. To control bleeding conditions you can gently bite on gauze pads we provide, changing them every 30 minutes. For pain management, we provide you with specific instructions according to your symptoms. Most often we ask you to alternate your Tylenol with codeine and Ibuprofen every 3-4 hours after surgery. 

Stick to soft foods like yogurt, smoothies, soups and mashed potatoes. You may gradually reintroduce solid foods as you heal. It is important to avoid using straws and avoid sucking and spitting. Suction can dislodge blood clots and impede healing. 


You can gently rinse your mouth with the prescription mouthwash and syringe provided to keep the area clean. Make sure you avoid vigorous brushing around the surgical site. We are always here if you have any questions or concerns!