A Reflection On Our Conference & Team Value of Innovation

It was a wonderful weekend of learning and growth for our team at the AAOMS 2023 Dental Implant Conference. As Sandhills Oral & Facial Surgery has grown these past four years, with an amazing group of people, our focus on dental implant procedures and restorations has advanced tremendously. This particular opportunity to hear from some of the greatest minds in the oral surgery field was special to experience as a team. 

There were many takeaways from our time together, but one thing that has stuck with us is how much we all need each other to live out our mission of, "providing a higher quality of life through exceptional patient care." Furthermore, our vision is the "collective belief that our mission goes beyond treating people." Our vision consists of three pillars of our service: our team, our work, and our impact. Under those pillars are coordinating values each of us is accountable to uphold. This weekend we were able to experience our core value of innovation in a new way. 

Matt Speaking


We consider innovation to be "our secret sauce. We have a commitment to disrupt the industry with a responsibility of being at the forefront of the best practices for patient care." As we listened to Dr. Weber lecture at the conference, we discovered the impact Sandhills Oral & Facial Surgery's innovation is having on the industry of dental implant surgery as a whole, as well as its future!

Sara SIL


Dr. Weber has forever been a visionary in the field of oral surgery. His fearless leadership has allowed our team to reach new heights and take an innovative approach with the care we provide. The partnership of Sara Bargen and Sandhills Implant Laboratory has allowed us to raise the bar for excellence in dental implant surgery, excellence in digital technology, and excellence in restorative solutions for the most complex cases imaginable. Our entire team has stepped up to fulfill their roles in an inspiring way. As we reflect on our team weekend with this year coming to a close, we want to recognize and thank each innovative member of our team. 

"Behind every great leader, there is an even greater team, whose support, dedication, and collective effort propel the vision forward."