Masseter Slimming with Botox

One of our favorite techniques for facial balancing is through a noninvasive injectable treatment to the masseter muscles. Our aesthetic RN and injector specialist, Brook Johnson, uses this beautiful technique to help you achieve a slim, soft jawline as well as relieve jaw pain. 

Masseter Before AfterThe masseter muscles are the large muscles on both sides of the jaw that control jaw movement and assist with chewing. If the muscle hypertrophies from overuse, it can cause jaw pain or headaches. Main causes of masseter muscle enlargement include excessively chewing gum, over clenching of the jaw, and teeth grinding (ugh, stress strikes again).

Here's the good news! Treatment of the masseter muscles with FDA-approved botulinum toxin (such as Botox or Jeuveau) can help the muscles relax and ease pain associated with these conditions. Having larger masseters doesn't always cause pain. Some people have stronger masseters due to their natural anatomy, and choose to treat the masseters to achieve a slimmer, contoured jawline.

How does it work? 

Botulinum toxin works by blocking nerve signals sent to the muscles. When it's injected into the masseter muscle, the muscle becomes smaller and weaker over time. This atrophy of the muscle creates an elongated, slimmer appearance of the face. Thus, an injectable treatment in the masseter muscle is used for both medical and aesthetic reasons!

Come see us today to learn more about treating your masseters, or the many other noninvasive techniques we offer to create individualized treatments for your medical and aesthetic goals!