Dental Hygiene Heroes

October is National Dental Hygiene Month! We are celebrating the work of these health heroes, as they help us achieve our best oral health. A dental hygienist’s expertise goes beyond a deep cleaning of our teeth. Their education, collaboration, and preventative care allow us to achieve optimum oral health and total wellness! We encourage all our patients to regularly see their dental hygienist – and thank them for all they do .

Dental Hygienists are our best source of education for the latest and greatest oral hygiene habits. We see them for deep cleanings to combat plaque buildup, tooth decay and disease. They also flag trouble spots leading to cavities or serious health problems. Riley Krolikowski, our Oral Surgery Assistant, strongly encourages all of us to keep up with dental hygiene visits. “Preventative care is where good oral hygiene starts, and preventative care is easier than restorative care” says Riley.

Water Flossers and Dental Implants

Dental Hygiene care is also critical for dental implant patients and those recovering from a procedure. Our dental hygiene superstar is a water flosser, also known as a waterpik. Dr. Weber recommends a water flosser for all patients, especially those with dental implants. This tool sprays streams of water in steady pulses to clean between and around teeth. In fact, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association recommends water flossing over string dental flossing!

Designed for Hygiene Health

“Even though the actual implant can’t get a cavity, bacteria can still grow around the implant if the site is not kept clean. This is best prevented by using a water flosser!”  Sara, of Sandhills Implant Lab, also tells us. When Sara designs and fabricates the implant crowns and sets of teeth, she ensures they are polished with no scratches or rough edges. This could otherwise cause bacteria to grow around the implant site. At Sandhills, we don’t just encourage good dental hygiene, we help our patients achieve it!