Brag Board Spotlight - Nicky

Brag Board Spotlight

👋🏼 Meet Nicky Tilley, our Practice Administrator here at Sandhills Oral & Facial Surgery! She is taking the Brag Board Spotlight this month, and we are excited to showcase our selfless, kind-hearted, and tenacious leader 🤙🏼.

Nicky is originally from Connecticut. Growing up in a family business, she was drawn to organizational development and studied Business Administration at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. After college she travelled the country as a consultant, training numerous businesses and eventually landing in Los Angeles, CA ☀️

While in LA, Nicky went on to earn her Professional in Human Resources Certificate (P.H.R.) in 2013. She also met a Nebraska boy out there, who stole her heart and brought her here to 'The Good Life'! Returning to her husband's hometown of Kearney, Nicky is overjoyed to have found an organization where she is part of a mission to provide the best service possible with an amazing team by her side.

Nicky wears many hats and is always thinking five steps ahead. With every decision she makes, Nicky puts our patients and teammates first. She ensures our practice is compliant and enjoyable for our staff and patients alike. She also oversees our billing department - persistently working with insurance companies on behalf of our patients, securing the maximum amount of coverage on each claim we handle!

As you can see, we are incredibly grateful for Nicky! Just a few ways we have described her are - "caring, exceptional leader, biggest heart, and hard-working.”