Full Arch Implant Reconstruction

All-On-4 Procedure “Teeth-in-a-Day”

Dr. Weber is highly experienced in various complex implant procedures. He sought advanced training in implant and reconstructive procedures for those who need to replace all their teeth – upper and/or lower. Often referred to as “full arch implants or hybrids”, “Teeth-in-a-Day,” or “All-On-4®, these are full mouth reconstructive surgeries that gives patients a permanent solution to replace missing or damaged teeth with a beautiful, new smile that functions like natural teeth. 

The reconstructive treatment process is customized to each patient, and allows us to fully restore your mouth’s function and appearance with a single procedure.

The Procedure

The first step toward a satisfying new life with new teeth is to visit us for a personalized initial consultation, where you’ll receive a comprehensive oral examination and x-rays. These will help us determine whether you’re a candidate for the full arch implant process. Dr. Weber and his team will then customize the procedure and treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

During the procedure, you will receive between four and eight dental implants in your upper and/or lower jaw. Once your implants are placed, you’ll be fitted with a beautiful bridge or hybrid prosthesis during the same appointment. Dr. Weber and our team will then attach a full arch of prosthetic teeth to the implants during the same appointment or the following day. This is a permanent fixture (only removable by a dentist) and functions exactly like natural teeth.

Maintenance and upkeep are similar to that of natural teeth – no messy adhesives, diet restrictions, or day-to-day frustrations that dentures can create. Being secured by dental implants, a full arch implant supported prosthesis significantly reduces bone atrophy, maintaining your jaw’s natural appearance.

Contact us today to see if an implant supported smile might be an option for you!